Friday, 9 December 2016

New portfolio illustration, and youtube videos

The first painting is my latest portfolio Illustration, slither attack!, I have been wanting to create a multi figure character illustration for awhile, since my last one was Valis and the Ogres which is very old now. I have learned a lot since then, hopefully this painting demonstrates that.

Next up I recently started posting art videos to my youtube channel :

So far I have 3 warm up sketches on there which you can see above, the first 2 are just simple time lapses with some free music on them, but the third has voice over, my latest one is a custom brush tutorial with a demo and is 2 hours long in realtime.

I am planning to create a custom shape tutorial and carry on working on the last sketch as part of the demo. And I have some ideas for other tutorials as well. I think I am going to carry on making videos, hopefully Ill get a decent mic at some point, at the moment the sound quality is awful. And I think I am getting a bit more comfortable talking and painting at the same time.

Ill probably get back to my Golden Bird project soon as well, I still have a bunch of tasks I set myself to design. And I think my Concept Art portfolio could still be padded out a bit.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Elf Portrait

A portraiture of an Elf that I did for my portfolio.